What is RSS?

Click here for RSS updatesRSS (Rich Site Summary - often dubbed Really Simple Syndication) is a way of letting you know when a new page of information is added to the WaMH in PC website.

Also known as a "Web Feed" signing up for - or subscribing to - our RSS Feed means you will be sent a link to the latest updates on our website as and when they occur.

To subscribe to our RSS Feed you will need to find suitable a RSS Reader which is a piece of software which you can download free from the web

The more popular RSS Readers include Bloglines, FeedBurner, Google Reader and My Yahoo and they work a little like email as our latest site updates - along with those from any other site Feeds you subscribe to - will be sent to your Reader's inbox.

All you have to do to subscribe to our feed is to simply click on any red RSS logo (like the one at the top of this page) on our site to get our RSS Feed address and follow the instructions provided by your Reader software to sign up for our update alerts.

The best way to learn how to use RSS and RSS Readers and sign up for Feeds is to simply give them a go as they all include help sections to get you up and running.