Information Sheets

Our Information Sheets are part of our aim to improve mental health services and have been developed to provide valuable information, training and support tools on primary care mental health in Wales.

The publication of our Information Sheets come under the set objectives or our Gold Standard Project which has set the goal of providing good communication on mental health issues at the heart of its work.

We trust you will find our Information Sheets worthwhile and hope they encourage you to explore the issues they cover in greater depth.

All our Sheets will be posted on this page following publication and are available to view and download by simply clicking on the relevant Information Sheet below.

For further background information please visit our Supporting Publications page.

If you have any trouble reading or accessing any Information Sheet please contact our Project Manager Lesley Hills on 029 2050 4516 or via email at


Download Information Sheet 2 - The Impact of Emotional Distress on Health (August 2010)
Download Information Sheet 3 - Positive Choices Suicide Prevention Training (October 2010)


Download Information Sheet 5 - Mental Health and Parkinson's (Released February 2011)
Download Information Sheet 6 - Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 Issue 1 (Released June 2011)


Download Information Sheet 8 - Mental Health and Eating Disorders (ED) (Released October 2011)
Download Information Sheet 9 - Mental Health and Ex Service Personnel (Veterans) (Released January 2012)


Download Information Sheet - 11 The Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 Issue 2 (Released April 2012)
Download Information Sheet - 12 Concerned About Suicide? Recognising Signs and Risk Factors (Released October 2012)


Download Information Sheet - 14 Mental Health, Deafness and Hearing Loss
Download our latest Information Sheet 15 - Welfare Benefit Reform (Released January 2014


Download Information Sheet 17 - Alcohol Use Disorder
Download Information Sheet 18 - Pain Assessment and Management in Patients with Dementia