Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010

The Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 ('the Measure') has received Royal Approval and will make a number of important changes to the current legislative arrangements in respect of the assessment and treatment of people with mental health problems.

A Measure (such as the Mental Health (Wales) Measure) is a piece of law made by the Assembly and has a similar effect to an Act of Parliament.

The first part of the Measure came into force during October 2012 and we have created a Part 1 - Downloadable Resource on this site to help GPs and their teams understand how it is going to change mental health services across Wales.

As a whole, the Measure is divided into the 6 parts and 2 Schedules which you can access using the following links:

  • Part 1 - Local Primary Mental Health Support Services
  • Part 2 - Coordination of and Care and Treatment Planning for Secondary Mental Health Users
  • Part 3 - Assessments of Former Users of Secondary Mental Health Services
  • Part 4 - Mental Health Advocacy
  • Part 5 - General
  • Part 6 - Miscellaneous and supplemental
  • Schedule 1 - Consequential amendments to the Mental Health Act 1983
  • Schedule 2 - Repeals

Although the Measure has received Royal Approval, cruical work to ensure its effective implementation will be undertaken in 2011. 

The Assembly Government will hold a number of Consultation Events or online consultation exercises to develop the Measure's Regulations and Code of Practice.

The Regulations will inform mental health professionals what they have to do in relation to the law. 

The Code of Practice will give instructions on how they do it.

Further information on the Mental Health (Wales) Measure is available from:

Mental Health Legislation Team, Welsh Assembly Government, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ.
Telephone: 029 2082 6988. Email:

Alternatively, contact WaMH in PC via email at or on 029 2050 4516.