Primary Mental Health Care and Services - Wales

Our aim is to promote primary mental health care and improve mental health services across Wales.

We want to do this by bringing people with a real interest in primary health care mental health together - including mental health practitioners, professionals, agencies, organisations, carers, service users and their friends and family.

An example of this is our new Part 1 - Downloadable Resource which we have created to help GPs and their teams understand how the recently launched Part 1 of the Mental Health Measure is going to change and improve mental health services across Wales.

We want to develop new ways of thinking about and working with mental health problems in primary care settings by discussing mental health issues through our calendar of Conferences and our Practitioner's Network.

If you're interested in mental health problems please visit our Gold Standard and Declaration pages where you can support this latter initiative by filling in our Sign Up To The Declaration online form.

Mental Health Services for Wales

If you want to become more actively involved in mental health care issues please visit our Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 sections to find out about primary mental health care issues and initiatives across Wales.

Alternatively, if you already work within primary care mental health and are seeking funding to help with your work or research please visit our Bursaries section.

For general information on primary mental health care issues in Wales please visit our Information section which contains our online library of Information Sheets and Publications and links to various Videos.

To keep up to date our work and mental health issues please visit our News & Events section - which you can also follow using RSS - and if there is any terminology which you don't understand please refer to our online Glossary for an explanation.

If you have any questions about WaMH in PC and work within primary mental health care across Wales please contact us via email at or on 029 2050 4516.