Terms and Conditions

Wales Mental Health in Primary Care Network ("Network) Standard Terms and Conditions of Grant Funding.

1. Introduction

1.1. The Network awards bursaries and funding (“Grant(s)”) to individuals and organisations within and outside the NHS, on an annual basis, to encourage innovation and support the delivery of mental health in Wales.  The purpose of these terms and conditions is to ensure that any Grant is used for the purpose for which it is given, and that monies are spent within a reasonable timescale.

2. Use of Grant

2.1. Grants may only be used for the purposes outlined by the recipient in their application (“Grant Project”) to the Network.  The Network acknowledges that Grant Projects may change as they are implemented due to unforeseen circumstances.  If it is proposed to vary the Grant Project in any significant way, prior written approval must be sought from the Network.  Where agreement to variations is not obtained in advance, the Network reserves the right to suspend further payments, and to reclaim any monies that have been paid to the recipient to date, in whole or in part.  The Network may, in its sole discretion, determine what shall amount to a significant change to the Grant Project.  Should the recipient be in any doubt as to what constitutes a significant change, it should discuss the matter with the Network.

3. Payment of Grant

3.1. Once the Grant has been offered, the Grant Acceptance Form should be completed and returned to the Network as soon as possible.  The Network retains the right to cancel the Grant if the Grant acceptance form has not been returned to the Network within three months of notification of the Grant. 

3.2. The timing of the payment of the Grant is entirely at the Network'sdiscretion, but every effort will be made to ensure that funds are released in good time.

3.3. If a Grant Project is cancelled, all monies paid to the recipient to date must be returned to the Network without delay.

4. Timescale

4.1. Subject to any timescales set out in the Grant Project application and agreed upon by the Network, any Grant or portion thereof paid to the recipient must be spent within a reasonable timescale, which shall be determined by the Network in its sole discretion.  If a Grant Project is not implemented within a reasonable timescale, the Grant will be cancelled and the recipient will be required to return any monies paid to date. Depending on the scope and scale of the Grant Project, a reasonable timescale would normally be approximately 12 months.  On completion of a Grant Project, any unspent portion of the Grant must be returned to the Network without delay.

5. Recipient Responsibilities

5.1. The recipient must exercise the highest care to prevent the Grant being used in an improper or unethical manner, or the appearance thereof, or in any way that may result in adverse publicity against the Network, those that administer the Network, or the recipient.  Such care is expected to go beyond that afforded to the use of private or corporate funds.

5.2. The Network and those that administer the Network, will not be held responsible or accountable in any way:

5.2.1. For the consequences of a breach of 5.1 above; or

5.2.2. For the manner in which the recipient conducts itself, or its business.

6. Publications

6.1. Due acknowledgement of support received from the Network should be made in all materials publicizing or resulting from the Grant Project, or in any form of media communication resulting from the Grant Project.

6.2. The recipient is requested to supply a short abstract describing the Grant Project, which the Network may place on its web site.  In instances where confidentiality is a particular issue, it is expected that the recipient will advise the Network of this when accepting the Grant.

7. Evaluation

7.1. Any Grant Project supported by the Network must be appropriately evaluated and a final report submitted to the Network within a reasonable time of completion of the Grant Project.  The report should provide an assessment of what the Grant Project has achieved in comparison to its originally stated aims and intentions, and any factors that contributed to success or failure.  The report should also identify the advances in knowledge or understanding resulting from the Grant Project. 

8. Records

8.1. The recipient is responsible for keeping detailed accounts, both for itself and the Grant Project, which must be available for inspection at all times by the Network on reasonable notice.

9. Assets

9.1. Equipment or other capital assets purchased with funding from the Network must not be sold or otherwise disposed of without prior written approval from the Network.

10. Termination

10.1. The Network reserves the right to hold back payment of a Grant or to reclaim a Grant in whole or in part, if a recipient fails to adhere to these terms and conditions, or if it is discovered that the application or supporting documents submitted by the recipient gave false or misleading information. 

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