March 2014

Finnish Study Claims Healthy Midlife Diet Can Cut Dementia

New research claims that 40-year-olds who start a diet of full of vegetables, fruit and fish cuts their risk of developing dementia by 90%.

The University of Eastern Finland study found a higher intake of saturated fats from butter, cakes and fast food is linked to poorer cognitive functions and an increased chance of dementia.

However, those who follow a healthier diet between the ages of 40 and 50 can drasticay reduce their risk of developing dementia by their 60s.

The research was the first in the world to investigate the relationship between a healthy midlife diets and the risk of developing dementia later on.

Researchers assessed the link between diet and dementia using a healthy diet index based on the consumption of a variety of foods.

For further information please read the following news story on the Daily Express website Healthy diet in midlife slashes dementia by 90%.

According to Welsh official figures, there are currently just over 42,700 people living with dementia in Wales and much work has taken place nationally to identify the areas which need to be addressed in order to improve the lives of those with and affected by this condition.

This has led to the creation of the National Dementia Vision for Wales which provides a long-term vision to ensure our country can best meet the challenge of the increasing number of people living with dementia.

As an organisation we are now focussing on dementia and the mental health issues it raises across Wales with further information available in our Dementia section on this website.

If you have any questions about WaMH in PC's work with dementia in Wales please contact us via email at or on 029 2050 4516.