BBC Film Explores Science Behind Mental Illness

A new BBC film has explored the science behind mental illness as part of the corporation's ongoing season looking at mental health issues.
The documentary called Inside My Mind uses computer graphics to travel inside the bodies and minds of 5 people who all suffer from a range of mental health conditions including schizophrenia, OCD. anorexia nervosa and bipolar disorder.
The programme looks into the social, biological and psychological changes which are part of each person's condition and unravels the treatments which are helping them overcome their conditions.
The show is available on the iPlayer until 19 August 2013 and was screened on TV as part of the BBC Three It's a Mad World Season which is taking a look at mental health issues.
The corporation has decided to examine mental health as one in four people across the UK will suffer from some form of mental health problem each year and it is something which can happen to anyone, at any time.
To find out more about the season and the programmes which are being broadcast as part of it please visit the It's a Mad World Season website.