Blog Helps End Mental Health Myths And Stigma

A leading mental health campaign is helping to put an end to the myths and social stigma surrounding mental health by asking people to share their experiences and personal stories online.

Time to Change Wales is a campaign aimed at ending mental health stigma and discrimination within Wales and has set up a Blogs & Stories section devoted to sharing your insights on mental health issues.

Each blog post centres on someone's personal accounts of their mental health experiences and are a great way to find out about living with often poorly understood mental health problems.

So far a long list of bloggers have offered insights on subjects as wide-ranging as anorexia, depression and personality disorders and even included leading politicians from each of the main political parties.

The idea is part of the Time to Change Wales call to get people to challenge mental health discrimination by simply talking about mental illness and having an open conversation about mental health.

Whether you have a mental health problem or not, you can help end the stigma surrounding the subject right now by reading the posts or following the campaign via its Facebook or Twitter feeds and sharing the stories with your friends and colleagues.

If you'd like to write a blog post please email Time to Change Wales at