Free Mental Health Myths and Facts Booklet

Mental health campaign Time to Change Wales is helping to dispel the myths about mental illness by providing people with the facts mental health issues through a free online booklet.

The booklet is available online in English and Welsh and can be downloaded from the Time to Change Wales website via it's Myths and Facts page.

There are many myths about mental illness and the booklet aims to help by supporting people to have a better understanding of mental health issues.

For example, most people think mental health problems are rare but about one in four (25%) of people across Wales and the UK are affected by mental health issues of one kind or another.

Whether or not you have a mental health problem, Time to Change Wales believes downloading and reading the booklet will help you challenge discrimination by improving your everyday knowledge about mental illness.

The campaign believes you don’t need to be an expert on mental health and simply providing yourself with the tools to have an informed conversation about mental health will help to tackle the stigma surrounding this issue across Wales.

The fact is that you probably know someone with a mental health problem - a friend, family member or colleague - and you can support them by reading the Myths and Facts booklet and providing yourself with the knowledge to dispel the myths surrounding their conditions.

Time to Change Wales is led by Mind Cymru, Gofal and Hafal and is a campaign aimed at ending mental health stigma and discrimination within Wales.