Free Online Mental Health Legal Resource

If you're a mental health practitioner and your interested in the legal side of your profession then we've found an online resource which you might find invaluable.

Mental Health Law Online is a free internet resource solely about mental health law in England and Wales and primarily aimed at mental health practitioners.

Anyone can contribute to its various forums and you might have even heard of it before as between April 2006 and September 2010 it was known as 'Wiki Mental Health'.

The site is mine of legal information and you can keep up with all its contents by joining its free monthly mailing list with further information available via its Email Updates page.

You can choose whether to receive emails on a monthly or more frequent basis or even subscribe to its monthly Kindle Updates if you've to an ereader.

Outside of that - you're free to join the site's Discussion Lists which cover all aspects of mental health law via conversations with other mental health practitioners.

The site also offers an Online CPD Scheme which is suitable for for solicitors (SRA-accredited), barristers (established practitioners), psychiatrists, social workers and psychiatric nurses with further information on the site's CPD Scheme page.

Mental Health Law Online is free to use and maintained on a voluntary basis.