Keep In Touch with WaMH in PC Using Our RSS Feed

Click here for RSS updatesWith the launch of the new WaMH in PC website we have also introduced a new way for you to keep up-to-date with our work across the country.

As part of the website redesign we were asked to include an RSS Feed (or "Web Feed") on the site which allows us to send out automatic alerts any time our new News & Events section is updated.

All you have to do is "subscribe" to our RSS Feed using a piece of software called a RSS Reader and you can then automatically keep abreast of all the work we do in Wales.

Some of you will already know how to use RSS and how to sign up to our Feed but for those of you who are new to RSS then the following links will help you understand how it works:

  • What is RSS? - A simple explanation of RSS including a video on what it is all about
  • All About RSS - A little bit more in-depth information about RSS from a non-technical standpoint

Once you've got your RSS Reader in place all you have to do to subscribe is simply click on any red RSS logo (like the one to the right) on our site to get our RSS address and follow the instructions provided by your Reader software to sign up for our update alerts.

The best way to learn how to use RSS is to simply give it a go as all the software is free of charge and will include help sections and instructions to get you up and running.