Self-Help Prescription For Severe Depression

We noticed a story online which outlined how a new study has concluded that self-help books or websites should be offered routinely to patients with severe depression.

The research - published in the British Medical Journal - comes after the RCGP endorsed a scheme by the Reading Agency charity for GPs to prescribe self-help books to patients with anxiety, depression or relationship problems.

It found that people with severe depression experience at least as much improvement in their symptoms by reading self-help material as those with milder depression with full details available on the following link - Self-help books should be prescribed for severe depression.

On the same front, the Welsh Government already runs a self-help book programme to help people with mild to moderate emotional problems called Book Prescription Wales which prescribes self-help books which people borrow from any branch library across Wales.

The scheme helps people access information, guidance and tips on ways to self-manage their conditions with further information available by downloading the Book prescription Wales - information leaflet.