WaMH in PC Goes Live on Facebook

We've just launched our new WaMH in PC Facebook Page which we'll be using to help promote primary mental health care across Wales.

Each day we'll be updating our new page with information and links to highlight the work we're doing to improve mental health care across the country.

This will include links to the various sections and publications on our website and updates about our latest news and upcoming events. 

It's simple to find us, all you have to do is search for "WaMH in PC" in your Facebook search bar or type in our new Facebook address www.facebook.com/wamhinpc.

We've also added Facebook buttons to our website to help you gain easy access to our new page and handy Like buttons to help you easily share it's contents with your own Facebook Friends and colleagues.

We're always looking to develop new ways of discussing mental health problems in primary care settings and if you've got any suggestions about the kinds of information you'd like us to put up on Facebook please contact our Project Manager Lesley Hills at lhills@rcgp.org.uk.