WaMH in PC - Now Appearing on Facebook

Since launching our WaMH in PC Facebook page last week we've been transferring more and more information from our website over to the world's leading online talking shop.

We've added a variety of links to our various website pages, sections and videos and so far the response has been encouraging but if you haven't visited our new page already then you can find us at the following Facebook address - www.facebook.com/wamhinpc.

We've already made a couple of calls for help through the page asking our new Friends to send us suggestions for mental health organisations to add to our Helplines and Links section and suitable pictures to help us create our Cover Picture for the new page.

If you've got any ideas on either of these fronts please email your suggestions to our Project Manager Lesley Hills at lhills@rcgp.org.uk and we'll look into adding them to our site.

We'll be continuing to use Facebook to highlight the work we do to improve and promote primary mental health care across Wales so please help us spread the word by clicking on the Like button and sharing our Facebook updates with your own Friends and colleagues.