Getting The Measure Conference 2011

As part of our work to promote primary mental health care issues and improve the profile of mental health services in Wales we hold on an annual conference.

These conferences provide excellent opportunities for you to network, meet new people, form new alliances and take part in some exciting, thought-provoking and informative plenary sessions and workshops.

The 'Getting the Measure' of Mental Health Conference was held in Cardiff on 28th June 2011 but was oversubscibed so we have uploaded a video compilation of the event's addresses, interviews and workshops below.

These videos are also available in the Videos section of our website and have also been uploaded to our WaMH in PC YouTube Channel where we would ask you to share them with colleagues or anyone connected or interested in primary mental health care across Wales.

Video Acknowledgements
Conference video recording, editing and interviewing (Karen Whiteside): The Creative Work Place

Video supported by Lundbeck UK  


'Getting the Measure' of Mental Health Conference

Conference Welcome and Introduction

In the opening address of the Getting ‘The Measure’ of Mental Health conference 2011, Dr Huw Lloyd - outgoing chair of WaMH - reconfirmed the reason why WaMH in PC, on an annual basis, organises a mental health conference.

The workshops and plenary sessions, along with excellent speakers, provide the structure for the conference but more importantly for WaMH in PC is the word ‘networking’.

Networking means having the opportunity to meet people, form alliances, connect with organisations so that when you leave the conference you can think about what your have learnt, you can plan for the future using this new knowledge and you can work with others to achieve your goals.

The Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010: Implementing Part 1

Barbara Bowness (Primary Care Lead, Mental Health (Wales) Measure) and Jon Roche (Mental Health
Measure, Project Officer)

With the implementation of Part 1 of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 coming into force in October 2012, Barbara Bowness (Primary Care Lead) and Jon Roche, (Project Officer) took the opportunity of speaking to all the delegates at the WaMH in PC ‘Getting ‘The Measure’ of Mental Health’ conference about the requirements of Part 1 of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 which concerns the introduction of local primary mental health support services across Wales for people of all ages.

How Can We Do This Better?

Dr Mark Boulter (Chair of WaMH in PC

In an address to the morning plenary session of the 2011 conference, Llandovery-based GP and Chair of WaMH in PC Mark Boulter delivered one of his light-hearted, thought-provoking presentations asking the audience to think about as individuals ‘are we sheep’ ‘ sheep dogs’ or ‘ shepherd’s’.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in Primary Care

Eluned Gold (Director Continuing Professional Development Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice) and
Dr Gareth Owens (GP)

The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice from Bangor University is one of 18 successful organisations who have been funded by a WaMH in PC bursary allowing them to turn their ideas into reality. 

Eluned Gold and Dr Gareth Owens used the WaMH in PC funding to develop an 8 week MBCT course which, in October / November 2010 they put into practice.

WaMH in PC conferences are an excellent opportunity for speakers to share new ideas / best practice and Eluned and Gareth captured this ethos by using their workshop to outline the successes from their project, the results achieved to date and their aspiration for the future development of MBCT in primary and secondary healthcare in Wales.

School-based Counselling in Wales: From Policy to Practice

Sylvia Jones (Co-ordinator School-based Counselling in Wales)

Sylvia Jones is currently coordinating the implementation of the Welsh Government’s National School-based Counselling Strategy.

Delegates attending Sylvia’s workshop were given the opportunity to find out what has happened since the strategy was first published in 2008 and the impact of having accessible qualified counsellors available for children and young people in secondary schools.

Additional documents:

The Carmarthenshire Model of Delivery

Judith Evan-Jones (PCMH Team Manager Carmarthenshire)
Liza Evans (PCMH Practitioner)
Sylvia Smith (Stress Control Course Participant)

The Carmarthenshire Model of Delivery is an excellent example of sharing best practice.

Judith Evan-Jones, Liza Evans and Sylvia Smith have enthusiastically embraced WaMH in PCs 3 core elements of positive relationships - ‘Trust’, ‘Communication’ and ‘Person Centredness’- by developing a model for the delivery of Primary Care Mental Health services which takes into account the needs of the local community.

The Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010: Implementing Part 1

Barbara Bowness (Primary Care Lead, Mental Health (Wales) Measure) and Jon Roche (Mental Health Measure, Project Officer)

Following on from the Measure plenary session earlier in the day the workshop provided the delegates with the opportunity to discuss further  with Barbara and Jon the practical issues and implications involved with the implementation of Part 1 of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010 and its impact upon primary and secondary care plus other health sectors.

Dementia Care - Does It Really Help? The Challenge!

Dr Alison Niesser (GP)

Porthmadog-based GP Dr Alison Niesser drew on her 25 years experience as a GP when developing her workshop to ask the question ‘do dementia services meet the needs of patients / carers or GPs.  Due to the sensitivity of this workshop filming was not permitted.  

IAPT in Wales: Are We Getting Any Nearer?

Dr David Crossley (Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy)

The title of David’s workshop - ‘IAPT in Wales: Are We Getting Any Nearer?' - Initiated the debate between the workshop delegates into looking at how IAPT is being developed in Wales.

Improving Child and Family Welfare: Can We Measure Up in Wales?

Alison Maddocks (Designated Doctor Safeguarding Children)
Phill Chick (Mental Health Development Lead for Wales NLIAH)

Alison and Phill’s workshop looked at the impact of parental mental illness on the health and wellbeing of children.

The slides from this workshop are available and were used to encourage collaborative discussions RE:

  1. The importance of collaborative working in meeting the needs of families with complex needs 
  2. The necessity for a family focused goal centred approach to such work
  3. The necessity to ensure the needs to protect children remain paramount but due to the sensitivity of this workshop filming was not permitted

Q & A Session

There are many questions that delegates would like to ask during a thought- provoking conference, which with time constraints, do not always get answered.

Alun Thomas, Deputy Chief Executive of Hafal did an excellent job of encouraging a high level of interaction and debate between the delegates and the speakers so hopefully by the close of a very successful day many of these outstanding questions were answered.

If you have any questions regarding our the conference please contact us via email at or on 029 2050 4516.